Country Roads Take Me Home


The old farmstead where I grew up, as I saw it many times walking down the road, or taking the tractor home from the days work in the fields. The family farm lies on the Adams and Jay county line. The old italliante brick house was built on oil money from the oil boom Gene Stratton Porter writes about in the Limberlost Swamp. My Grandfather came back after working in the oil fields during the great depression to buy the old "Pontius Farm". There are many memories for me here, painting the barn, tending the chickens, putting a cedar shake roof on the chicken house in preparation for baby chicks, cleaning the hog pen, milking the cows and feeding the cats. There was an apple orchard and bee hives, plums to be picked for jam and a full garden to tend and harvest, cleaning and canning vegetables and mowing not jus tthe lawn, but the hay and straw fields also. I got into trouble a lot, mostly for drawing on the stable wall with charcoal from the burn pile, and sneaking off up the hill to Grandmother's house to sit on the porch swing with her.

The original painting is an oil on panel.

Purchase an archival Giclee print on cotton rag paper, signed by Gedda.

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